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VGen's youth advocates are changing the world by taking action on issues of global poverty and injustice.

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VGen empowers young Australians to influence culture, government and businesses in their communities to end extreme poverty and injustice.

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“I am making a change by empowering young people to take action. Every act, no matter how small, is important!”

– Ashleigh, VGen Advocate


VGen is made up of young people, aged 15–25, who want to make a difference and are empowered to take action on issues of global poverty and injustice.

Together, we speak out with one voice to advocate for those living in poverty.

We influence our world through grassroots campaigning –one community at a time.



VGen takes action through VGroups in local schools and universities throughout Australia. Together, we learn, take action and engage others in creating real change.



When we speak with one voice, people listen. As part of VGen, you can be involved in creative, high-impact campaigning on issues like child protection and trafficking, maternal and child health and overseas aid. As a national movement, we join together for large-scale events, conferences and online campaigning.



Through World Vision, VGen Advocates have the opportunity to partner with other like-minded youth from around the world and experience overseas development work first-hand.

Keen to find out more? Email us your details and we’ll link you in with a VGroup near you.