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The Power of a Single Teacher

February 17, 2016 By vgen

I had assumed that the school we were visiting in Cambodia would be like any other; noisy, energetic and disciplined, but this school had a different story.

To have an education is a human right, yet many are forced to go without. Too often, schools are overcrowded. Children struggle to learn due to both limited resources and an undersupply of teachers.

We met one such teacher, Rasy, who was not just a teacher but a life changer. Recognising the need for a second school in his local district, he opened a new area for learning. The location? His own home.

Walking through the school, the energy of the children was tangible. Rasy had placed a particular emphasis on hygiene and sanitation, having built a second toilet, sinks, taps, and providing soap. The appreciation the children had for the facility was truly humbling. Not only was the space treated with the utmost respect, but with care, joy and appreciation. The community was full of safety and warmth, home to children looking forward to the opportunity to learn.

Children learning the importance of hygiene

Children learning the importance of hygiene

Previously a coal mining area, the land opposite the school had been transformed into a highly fertile agricultural space which not only provides work for local farmers but offers a sustainable income for the local population.

Acknowledging Rasy’s passion and the success of his project, the local government has provided funding for a school to be started from scratch, although this remains a work in progress. In the meantime, his home continues to be filled with laughter and hope.

It’s amazing how one person can have the ability to create such incredible change. The determination of one can transform the lives of so many, and, thanks to people like Rasy, more children now have the opportunity to live their dreams.


  • Based on the recount of Lacinda Fisk

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