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A Hidden Surprise

March 25, 2016 By vgen

There’s nothing better than waking up on a Sunday morning and finding that the Easter bunny has come in the night. The smell of hot cross buns drifts through the house, and the back yard is filled with brightly coloured eggs ready for the children that have been awake since 5am. Easter is the one day of the year that you can justify having chocolate before 9am.

Unfortunately, there is a hidden surprise in almost every egg you’ll consume this year. An estimated 2 million children are currently working as labourers on cocoa plantations. This means that, out of the millions of Easter eggs that will be sold this year, only 5% will be free from forced, child or trafficked labour.

The trouble is, even when people do care about choosing products that are free from slave labour, they just don’t know what to look for when buying. Even if they do, there’s an entire debate over which certification is better and there is nothing to help you compare them…until now!

World Vision Australia, Baptist World Aid and STOP THE TRAFFIK have put together ‘A Matter of Taste’, a report comparing Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance on human trafficking prevention, identification and remediation. You can examine everything from how they empower their workers to their child labour and human trafficking action plans and choose the one which best aligns with your values.

So now you know who to look for but where will you find them? Retailers claim that there is limited demand for ethically produced Easter products so it can be surprisingly difficult to find ethical products. No fear – there’s a solution for that too! World Vision Australia and STOP THE TRAFFIK have put together a petition telling retailers that we want them to commit to 100% ethical Easter Range by 2020. By making this change, they will help ensure that their supply chains are free from exploitation it will help lift communities out of poverty. How can they say no?

Join us and sign the petition to tell retailers if they stock ethical products, we will buy them!


Written by Rebeccah Churchward

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